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Telemarketing - Do Not Call

The Do Not Call Register

The Do Not Call Register is a secure database where you can list your numbers to avoid receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls and marketing faxes. A number is eligible to be registered if it is:

  • used or maintained primarily for private or domestic purposes, or

  • used or maintained exclusively for transmitting and/or receiving faxes, or

  • used or maintained exclusively for use by a government body, or

  • an emergency service number.

There is also a Telemarketing Industry Standard for telemarketing and research calls. The industry standard establishes a minimum set of requirements for anyone making these types of calls. For more information on the industry standard click here

How it operates

Once your number(s) are listed on the register, telemarketers and fax marketers must not contact those numbers. Any business that either calls or faxes a listed number, or arranges for calls or faxes to be made or sent on its behalf, may be in breach of the legislation and could face penalties.

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